Get to know me a little

Dad, Pilot, Traveller, Nerd, Worlds best Dad Joker.

Family photo in a Tuscan Landscape

This is my young but large family. We love to travel. Here we are over looking the great battle field at Anghiari. Which was the backdrop to Da Vinci's lost paining.

Selfie infront of a Boeing 787

For 20 years, I travelled the world as a Pilot. Starting out in small two seater cessnas, and up to the Boeing 777. We have lived in Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

A picture of a hockey game

One of the perks of travelling was getting to see some great events. Like the Pearl Jam at Milton Keys, London, football in the Stadio Olimpico de Roma, or as seen here, the NY rangers playing at home in Maddison Square Gardens.